• Image of Yelena Popova, this certifies that. Image 23.06.2016,  2016

this certifies that. Image 23.06.2016, 2016
Copperplate etching onto Somerset Velvet 250gsm
Edition of 30, signed and numbered
45.6 x 36 cm

Yelena Popova’s edition for Nottingham Contemporary takes as its source the artists specially commissioned work for her exhibition This Certifies That (2016).

For this digital animation, the artist collaborated with Noel Murphy, a computer programmer, to develop a code that generates images based on the Euro banknote. The code randomly produces different versions of banknotes in denominations ranging from 5 to 500. Each sequence is different, as the elements that make up the image constantly shift in potentially infinite patterns. Intricate and detailed, these guilloché line-drawings are used in banknote design to deter forgery.

Popova’s copperplate etching is inspired by the early printing plates used to produce banknotes. To create the etching, Popova has had to redraw each element of the image in illustrator. The image in this print is therefore not a still from her film sequence but a fake, a detailed forgery created by the artist’s hand.

Each image in the sequence in This Certifies That. has a unique number at the top left, marking an exact hour, minute, second, millisecond then date, month and a year. The unique number on the image used for Popova’s etching is 23 June 2016, a date which turned out to be quite a dramatic day in British History.

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